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Welcome to the Special Home You and Your Indoor Cats Share

Welcome to the Special Home You and Your Indoor Cats Share.

Discover the best care for your favorite felines' very own way of life.

Whether it's romping on the floor or just being lazy by a window, your cats love having the run of the house. You nurture them as you would all members of your family. And now we're there for you every step of the way with the right nutrition and helpful food for thought — all in one place.

  • Bringing home a new cat? Helping the pet settle into your household is careful work that can take weeks. Take great care to do it right. Read more.
  • Does your indoor cat make you sneeze? Diligence around the house is key to limiting allergies. Read more.
  • Your indoor cat is an expert self-groomer, but you should help, too. And the right food can reduce shedding. Read more.
  • The right approach to playing with your indoor cat can boost weight control and physical fitness. Read more.
  • Your indoor cat's hair can wind up in a messy pile on the floor. Hairballs can be a serious problem and the right nutrition can help. Read more.
  • Proper scratching opportunities can keep your indoor cat out of trouble. Follow a good strategy for best results. Read more.
  • Helping children understand your cats is a great start to healthy, safe relationships. A little education goes a long way. Read more.
  • Ingredients can tell you a lot about the quality of cat food. The right ingredients can make a big difference in your cat's health. Read more.
  • Your cat's first month at home is an important time for getting settled and creating healthy habits. Read more.
  • Extraordinary eyes, a knowledgeable nose - understanding indoor cats' 5 special senses can provide the best care. Read more.
  • Kittens need special food customized for their lifestage and special needs. Make the right choice to create a strong foundation for good health. Read more.
  • Struggling to teach your cats how to drink properly from a bowl? The right strategy can help a finicky feline get on track and stay there. Read more.
  • When your cats speak, there can be a message behind the meow. Understand vocalizations to better understand your felines. Read more.
  • Is your indoor cat urinating outside the litter box? It could be a sign of a health problem or disruption within your home. Read more.
  • Keep the litter box scooped to keep your indoor cats happy and lower the risk of separation anxiety. Read more.
  • You may not realize the presence of toxins and other potential health risks hidden in your home. Make changes to keep your cats safe. Read more.