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General Questions - All About Hill's® Pet Foods


All About Hill's® Pet Foods - ingredients, the nutritional research behind Hill's® pet foods

What is the difference between Prescription Diet® and Science Diet® brand pet foods?

Prescription Diet® brand pet foods are formulated to address specific medical conditions that can develop in pets. Science Diet® brand pet foods are formulated to meet the needs of healthy pets during various life stages. Prescription Diet foods are only available through your pet's veterinarian, while Science Diet foods are available through your veterinarian and at pet specialty stores, feed stores and some pet grooming facilities.

How many calories are in Science Diet® brand pet foods?

Calories vary from one product to another because each is designed for specific life stages and lifestyles. The calorie content for each of our foods is included in our online Science Diet® product selector.

How are Science Diet® dry foods preserved?

All Science Diet® dry foods are naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

How are Prescription Diet® dry foods preserved?

As of Oct. 1, 2008, all Hill's Prescription Diet® dry pet foods are naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, citric acid and rosemary extract.

How are Hill's® Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® canned foods preserved?

There are no preservatives added to Hill's canned products. The canning process naturally preserves the food. This is similar to when we might can green beans or tomatoes.

What is Hill's superior antioxidant blend?

Hill's® Science Diet® dry foods contain a superior antioxidant formula that is a blend of higher levels of vitamins C and E and beta-carotene and selenium. Antioxidants fight the free radicals that can damage vital cells. By providing antioxidant protection throughout your pet's life, you help your pet live a long, healthy life.

What are the ingredients in the Science Diet® brand pet food my pet eats?

All of Science Diet foods and their ingredients are listed in our online Science Diet® product selector. You can also find a list of all product ingredients on the package.

Why is corn in certain products?

Corn is an excellent ingredient because of the benefits it brings to the product. Corn is a highly nutritious ingredient chosen as a source of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid that promotes healthy skin and a luxurious coat. We choose all of our ingredients for the nutritional value they contribute to each product we make.

How can I learn more about the Hill's® Prescription Diet® food my veterinarian recommended for my pet?

For more information about the Prescription Diet food you feed your pet, use our online product selector.

Are Hill's® foods guaranteed?

All Hill's pet foods are marked with our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Science Diet® pet foods for any reason, simply return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement.

We guarantee Prescription Diet® brand pet foods for quality, consistency and palatability. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchases for these reasons, simply return the unused portion to your veterinarian for a refund or replacement.