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Hill's Science Diet Science Diet
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Hill's Prescription Diet Prescription Diet

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Mature Age 7+

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Mature Age 7+

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By Health Conditon

Science Diet and Prescription Diet

All Cans Are
Not Created Equal

Only Hill’s canned pet foods effectively complement Hill’s dry pet foods.

Your veterinarian has recommended a specific Hill’s Prescription Diet or Science Diet food for your pet. To work properly, it must be the only food your pet eats.

If you want to give variety, talk to your veterinarian about complementing your pet’s dry food with the comparable Hill’s formula packaged in a can.

Do you feed your pet both
dry and canned food?

  • Most Hill’s formulas are available in both dry and canned forms for dogs and cats
  • Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet canned pet foods deliver tasty variety without sacrificing precise nutrition

Mixing with other canned pet foods may:

  • Dilute the precise balance of Hill's nutrition
  • Cause undesired
    weight gain
  • Expose your pet
    to higher levels
    of certain minerals

Ask your veterinarian how
Hill’s canned pet foods can add variety without risk.