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Promotes regular, healthy stool for your pet

Hill’s ActivBiome+ Technology rapidly activates your pet’s unique gut microbiome for ultimate digestive health and well-being. Created with unparalleled microbiome science, ActivBiome+ Technology is a revolution in digestive care from global leaders in scientifically proven pet nutrition.


Unique blend of prebiotics formulated for digestive health & overall well-being

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Rapidly activates your pet’s unique gut microbiome

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Activated microbes release gut nourishing compounds to support digestive health

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Supports beneficial gut bacteria for a healthy gut microbiome

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Clinically proven to promote healthy stool

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Balanced digestive food for healthy pets

Microbiome nutrition with ActivBiome+ Technology for healthy pets, Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Digestion promotes regularity and healthy stool so you can take a proactive role in your pet’s digestive health.

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Powerful digestive care for specialized needs

Microbiome nutrition for pets with digestive or gastrointestinal upsets, Hill’s Prescription Diet offers multiple foods with ActivBiome+ Technology that are clinically proven to promote healthy stool and regularity. Ask your vet if one of these products is right for your pet.

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