Serious Illness, Accidents and Surgery

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Serious Illness, Accidents and Surgery in Dogs

 Imagine being hurt or injured and not able to ask for what you need to feel better. That is exactly what your dog feels during a serious illness, or after an accident or surgery. All she wants to do is run and play, but she needs adequate time and nutrition to recuperate. To help her recover fully, she'll need additional care and attention from you.

The dog food you feed her during this time can have a tremendous effect on her ability to recover. She will be under a lot of stress from healing and dealing with her injury, so she will need more energy to help her body cope. However, she may be reluctant to eat.

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Most food won't have the right consistency or taste for dogs who don't feel like eating. These pets will need therapeutic food that provides exceptional taste and has the right consistency to be spoon fed, if needed. Also, her regular foods may not provide the added fat, protein and key nutrients dogs need during recovery. Feeding her a food that is highly digestible and has increased levels of key nutrients will speed her healing.

Remember to keep a close eye on your dog's condition to help her get through this difficult time. In addition, watch for other conditions and complications, such as infections. Last, but not least, be diligent in feeding her an excellent high-quality food to replenish all of her essential nutrients.

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