Steps to Take Before Leaving Your Puppy Alone

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No puppy, or dog for that matter, should be left alone for long periods of time. Dogs that are left alone for significant periods can develop anxiety and an inability to cope with being separated from their owners.

You can easily teach your puppy to tolerate short absences by leaving him in a room, closing the door and walking away. After a few minutes, go back in but don't greet him. When you've done this several times, extend the absences to 30 minutes. But if he begins to get distressed, and starts barking, chewing, or scratching at the door, you should shorten the absence period.

Before you leave, try these simple tips to help your puppy settle down while you are out:

  • Walk your puppy or play with him in advance of leaving so he has a chance to spend his excess energy
  • Shortly before you leave, you may want to provide a meal of puppy food so he's likely to be sleepy. Using a puzzle toy for food can also provide entertainment and distraction from your absence.
  • Some growing puppies will be comforted by familiar sounds, so you could try leaving the radio on

If your puppy has growing concerns about being left alone, even for short periods of time, ask your vet for advice.

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