Choosing the Best Cat Food for Your Pet

Cats can be finicky eaters, so Hill’s goes to great lengths to provide high-quality, balanced nutrition they can't resist. Take a look at the cat food varieties we have to offer your furry friend.

Making the Best Cat Food Choice

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the best cat food for your pet. Start with three of these key considerations to make sure you're meeting their specific nutritional needs.


Age of Your Cat

Did your cat just celebrate her first birthday? Her seventh? As cats get older, they need age-appropriate cat food. Hill’s life stage cat foods can give your kitten, adult or 7+ cat the nutrition she needs.

Kittens (Under Age 1)

Specially formulated for their frisky lifestyle, kitten food is made to fuel their boundless energy and support healthy development.

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Adult Cats (1-7 Years)

Adult cat foods need the right balance of nutrients – not too much, not too little – to support a cat's everyday nutritional needs.

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Older Cats (Age 7+)

As your cat grows older she'll need special support to reduce the risk of kidney issues, mobility problems and other conditions associated with age.

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Nutrition Needs

Giving your pet the right cat food can transform the way you spend time together. Hill's provides a wide variety of trusted cat foods designed for just about any health need.

Science Diet Products Cat

Nutrition Every Cat Needs

Is your cat's breath unusually bad? Maybe you've noticed that she's packed on a few too many kilos. Whatever issues you may notice, the best cat food is the one that helps your cat feel their best.

From everyday health and vitality to recipes using natural ingredients, there's a Hill’s cat food that fits your cat's needs, as well as yours.

  • Weight management
  • Hairball control
  • Indoor vs. outdoor needs
  • Multiple cat households
  • Dental & oral care
  • Energy & mental wellbeing
  • Digestive Care
  • Sensitive Stomach & Skin

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Prescription Diet Products Cat

Nutrition for Specific Health Conditions

Just because a cat has a health condition, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy a long and happy life. Prescription Diet cat foods provide clinically proven nutrition backed by our team of veterinarians, PhD nutritionists, food scientists and sensory experts:

  • Digestive Care
  • Kidney Care
  • Urinary Care
  • Dental Care
  • Weight Loss & Maintenance
  • Skin / Food Sensitivities
  • Thyroid Care
  • Glucose Management

Check with your veterinarian regularly to make sure your dog gets the nutrition he needs.

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Serving Options

Sometimes it all comes down to presentation. That's why Hill's has several irresistible options to treat your cat's mouth – from precisely shaped kibble, to savoury stews.

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Loss & Maintenance Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food

Every kibble is designed around a cat’s size and mouth shape so your cat can better enjoy their food. Next, we ensure a satisfying texture and assortment of flavours that have been approved by the discerning cats at our Pet Nutrition Centre.


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Hill's Prescription Diet cd Multicare Stress Urinary Care + Metabolic Weight Cat Food

Wet Cat Food

Opening the top of any Hill's cat food will prove that we've loaded each recipe with hearty vegetables, tender morsels and savoury sauces that will send your cat calling for their meal. Treat your cat to one of our minced meals, or a savoury stew.


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Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food


Your cat's stomach health is a vital part of his or her everyday life, which is why Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry cat food provides optimal digestive health while nourishing skin & promoting a lustrous fur.

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Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Cat Food

Amazing — highly suggest

“Within days Khaleesi’s skin started looking better and after two weeks, her skin is almost entirely cleared up. She isn’t in pain and her skin and coat look so beautiful!”
– Beccs, Virginia, USA

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